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Dr Shaykh is an experienced doctor with many successful procedures to his name. He has been providing fertility treatments since 1986 and has delivered happiness to many households. 

INVOcell is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional in vitro fertilization. Despite the myths of infertility being permanent, we ensure that you have the chance for pregnancy like you have always wanted. 

We want your experience to be unique, pleasant and successful. Our simple procedures give you another chance at being a mother. Call us today to book an appointment for consultation or drop us an email. We want to help you become pregnant again. 

INVOcell is the new innovative alternative to IVF

InVoCell is the natural IVF way to conceive, as it utilizes the woman’s body for incubation of the embryo during in vitro fertilization, with a lesser price tag. It is an alternative for couples who are on their fertility journey and want a more personal approach. 

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One of the best fertility doctor in Jacksonville. He does not judge if your big or small. He gave me information about what I can do to start my fertility journey. I am slightly in the heavier side where he did not even mention my weight. Which a lot of doctors that’s the first thing they talked about with me. I also do have PCOS and can’t wait to starting conceiving.
Amy Winter
Where should I start....every appointment I have attended I felt like they have know me forever. From the the front desk to the Doctor and RN they are amazing....I will recommend this place 1000 times if your looking for a friendly and family atmosphere this is the place for you
Latrina Carter
Just had surgery with Dr Shaykh and I must say best staff and Doctor ever. He is awesome! I am so pleased with how I was treated from day one! Thank you Dr Shaykh for all that you do!
JJ the Fitness trainer

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    32.4% of clinical study participants conceived, while 15.1% experienced multiple pregnancies. 23.8% of the participants gave birth and 17.8% gave birth to multiple babies. InVoCell is your chance to experience pregnancy naturally.