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Dr Shaykh is an experienced doctor with many successful procedures to his name. He has been providing this service since 1986 and has delivered happiness to many households. 

Tubal reversal is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional in vitro fertilization. Despite the myths of tubal ligations being permanent, we ensure that you have the chance for pregnancy like you have always wanted. 

We want your experience to be unique, pleasant and successful. Our simple procedures give you another chance at being a mother. Call us today to book an appointment for consultation or drop us an email. We want to help you become pregnant again. 

We have been able to reverse tubal ligation

What Our Patients Are Saying

One of the best fertility doctor in Jacksonville. He does not judge if your big or small. He gave me information about what I can do to start my fertility journey. I am slightly in the heavier side where he did not even mention my weight. Which a lot of doctors that’s the first thing they talked about with me. I also do have PCOS and can’t wait to starting conceiving.
Amy Winter
Dr Shaykh and his entire team are wonderful in every way! I just got my reversal done yesterday both tubes were successfully opened and now I’m recovering at home. The surgery center was great from start to finish I knew I was in great hands thank you all so much it was greatly appreciated. I will give updates again once I get pregnant my husband and I are excited for our new journey again we thank you Dr Shaykh and staff
Naturallee Mocha
I love Dr. Shaykh. After having a tubal ligation done. Six months later we were going to be brand new parents. A couple days later the right side tube ruptured and was remove the left side is completely blocked. After my research Dr. Shaykh price, his performance and his wonderful staff. I give birth to a 8lbs baby boy
Christina C.

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    80% of the patients conceive naturally within two years of the procedure. Women under the age of 35 have the highest chance of getting pregnant, however, women over their 40s have conceived as well. Tubal reversal gives you the chance to experience pregnancy naturally.