Assisted Fertility Program

Donor Egg Program

Our donor egg program is a wonderful option for women who otherwise could not become pregnant using their own eggs.
The donor egg program is an option for many women with poor egg quality due to ovarian failure related to age, genetic problems, unexplained reasons, or ovarian damage secondary to cancer treatments.

Donor eggs are sometimes appropriate for women with recurrent miscarriage, or those who have repeat failed IVF cycles. Fortunately, our donor egg programs provide egg donation services with high success rates!

We have egg donors with various ethnic backgrounds, we are happy to help you one-on-one to match you to a donor. If you do not match well with any of our egg donors, we work with third party egg banks. Donated eggs can be obtained through:

  • Fresh egg donors obtained through our program
  • Frozen eggs through Ova Bank US
  • Frozen eggs through My Egg Bank
  • Frozen eggs through Embryo connections

Are you looking to become an egg donor?

Please call our office and we will be happy to send you the application to see if you meet the qualifications!

Sperm Banks

If you are a patient looking for donor sperm for use with insemination, or with In-Vitro Fertilization, please contact us. We work with many different sperm banks and are available to help you match to the perfect donor! Once the sperm is purchased from a sperm bank, it can be shipped to our office and can be used during your treatment.

Many patients have successfully achieved their dreams of having a family with the use of donor sperm. Donor sperm can be helpful in cases of male infertility in which no sperm are seen during semen analysis testing. In addition, women without a male partner, as well as lesbian couples, may also desire to use donor sperm to achieve pregnancy through insemination or In-Vitro Fertilization.

We are not a commercial sperm bank which means we do not sell donor sperm nor do we accept sperm donations. Please contact us at 1-800-777-4831 if you are a patient who needs to order donor sperm for your treatment and we can provide you with a list of reputable sperm banks.