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InVoCell (IVC)

InVoCell (IVC) is an innovative fertility treatment option that considers your concerns about cost.

IVC is a first-of-its-kind option used in fertility treatment. InVoCell is the only FDA-cleared intravaginal culture (IVC) system. InVoCell is a device that holds eggs and sperm in your body for fertilization and incubation, allowing you to be more personally involved in the process.

The IVC process is similar to IVF treatment in that the woman takes fertility injections to stimulate her ovaries to produce eggs and then the eggs are extracted. In typical IVF treatment, the eggs and sperm are mixed together in a petri dish and allowed to fertilize in the lab and grow into embryos under the care of the embryologist. However, during the IVC process, the fertilization can happen more naturally using the women’s body as an incubator instead of incubating in the laboratory.

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A first-of-its-kind device used in fertility treatment,
INVOCELL holds the eggs and sperm in your body for
fertilization and incubation, allowing you to be more
personally involved in the process.

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What is InVoCell

InVoCell fertility treatment refers to the intravaginal culture system that is often used as an alternative to IVF for the treatment of infertility. In fact, it happens to be the first IVC system that has the FDA’s stamp of approval. The InVoCell, a medical-grade plastic device integral to the procedure, allows the sperm and egg to fertilize in a small container inside the body. The device itself is known to feature two imperative components. First, there is the incubation component that holds the sperm, egg and developing embryos directly. Then, there is the retention device, which securely holds the incubation component within the vagina.

How It Works

The InVoCell procedure is somewhat similar to the IVF, with few major differences along the way. If you know anything about the process of IVF, then you will be familiar with most stages involved in InVoCell treatment. The only factor that distinguishes both the processes is where the actual fertilization and embryo development take place

For instance, in InVoCell, the embryo development and fertilization take place inside InVoCell device, which is later placed inside a woman’s vagina for an incubation period that can last 5 days. That being said, the following 4 phases are involved in a typical InVoCell procedure

Ovarian Stimulation:

The Female is given stimulation medications to help ovaries in developing relatively more mature, high-quality eggs than before.

The InVoCell device:

The eggs and sperm are both placed inside the InVoCell Device to facilitate embryo development and fertilization.

Egg Retrieval:

A surgical procedure is conducted wherein the eggs are removed from the ovaries.

Embryo Transfer:

Embryos that have been developed are taken out of the InVoCell device. One or two healthy embryos are placed back into the woman’s uterus while the remaining embryos are frozen with the help of a flash-freezing technology called vitrification.

What makes an Ideal IVC Candidate

To be considered suitable for the IVC process, the candidate must fulfill the following parameters:

  • Sperm Quality should be normal
  • The candidate should not be more than 37 years old
  • The candidate’s BMI should be less than 35

InVoCell Success Rates

In a study conducted by INVOCELL, the success rates with InVoCell were considerably favorable than that of intrauterine insemination. However, their success rate was still lower than that of IVF. In the clinical trial that involved 450 cycles, 421 among them led to embryo transfers with 25% witnessing success in a live birth. The birth rate was lower in artificial insemination amounting to only 10% whereas being significantly higher with IVF (50%).

How much does InVoCell Cost

At Assisted Fertility, we offer quality InVoCell fertility treatment at a cost of $6,000. ICSI along with your procedure will cost you an additional $800 whereas Assisted hatching will cost an additional $700. Moreover, Embryo Freezing and Delayed Embryo Transfer will cost you $750 and $ 500 respectively.

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