Assisted Fertility Program

Gestational Surrogate Program

Gestational surrogacy is becoming a common practice for women who are physically unable to carry a pregnancy to term on their own. Gestational surrogacy involves taking embryos created by a couple (the intended parents) and implanting them into the uterus of a gestational carrier (surrogate) to carry the pregnancy. The surrogate is compensated for their time, travel, and related pregnancy expenses. The embryos remain the same genetic makeup and biological offspring of the persons who provided the eggs and sperm to create the embryos.

There are many reasons why a couple may require a surrogate in order to have a baby, these include:

We are not a surrogacy agency, we do have a small database of potential surrogates which have applied through our program. If one of our patients is looking for a surrogate, we can put them in touch with the potential surrogates at no charge. Surrogacy will be arranged through a third party.

Legal considerations

Legal contracts are required for anyone using a gestational surrogate. These contacts must be drawn up by an experienced attorney who preferably specializes in family law. Legal contracts protect both the intended parents as well as the surrogate. The legal documents also define the compensation schedule which is paid to the surrogate. The compensation fees for surrogacy are based on what the surrogate is willing to accept for payment as well as any agency fees. Fees for surrogacy can range anywhere from 10,000-150,000.

Are you looking to become a Gestational Surrogate?

Please call our office and we will be happy to send you the application to see if you meet the qualifications!