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* Price does not include medication.
* Discounted Rates for IVF Based on Income

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    Low-Cost IVF Treatment You Can Trust

    Dr Shaykh is a renowned infertility specialist that offers affordable IVF treatment to clients via their state-of-the-art fertility clinic in Florida. So if you are searching for infertility programs that will provide you with answers and a solution to a problem, regardless of whether it is IVF for PCOS or IVF for unexplained infertility, look no
    further than Assisted Fertility for quality IVF treatment from the best IVF specialist in all of Florida.

    Our IVF program has excellent IVF success rates that are at or
    higher than the national average. IVF is an accepted medical treatment
    for many causes of infertility. IVF is considered a “first line” therapy
    for conditions such as fallopian tube disease, moderate to severe male
    infertility, older women, in those who have failed other treatments,
    such as IUI, and other unexplained infertility cases deemed appropriate by Dr. Shaykh.

    Available IVF discount depending on Income

    *Must show Current tax return

    What Our Patients Have to Say


    Emo Bos
    Where do I start.. The entire staff at Assisted Fertility are miracle makers. Each job function helps in assisting with this blessing each patient receives. I visited Dr. Shaykh initially in 2016. When I say how knowledgeable he is , it’s amazing! He looked at some scans I provided from my OB and in 2 mins told me what the issue was even though the OB kept Miss diagnosing me ( I digress) Once all of the wrinkles were resolved, we started the IVF process in Nov 2017. It was successful. We had our 1st child. Fast forward to June 2021 we started 2nd round, it too was successful. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to this team. Everyone is so helpful and assuring no matter how aggy you could be they will never show it or tell you LOL. Dr. Shaykh and team are very knowledgeable and professional. With guided advise we were again were successful. All praises to the most high. I pray this helps someone. Much love


    Crystal Anderson
    Dr shaykh gave me peace of mind and restored my hope! It was just a consultation and he went out of his way to do an ultrasound exam to look around in there for me 🤗… he didn’t talk bad about the fertility clinic i previously went to or try to say you should’ve came to me 1st he just listened to me, asked me why i haven’t tried again, then gave me his recommendation. I wish i would have gone to him 1st! He truly cares about his patients and their concerns


    Carla Skuhrovec
    Thanks to Dr. Shaykh and team we welcomed a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago. We are eternally grateful, she is perfect!

    Dr. Shaykh is straight forward, compassionate, and thorough. His staff is equally as professional. I never felt like a number or a statistic, I never felt in the dark or that I didn’t understand something and most importantly my level of care/treatment was above what we expected.

    If you’re on the fence, just stop and make the appointment. You won’t regret it.


    Latrina Carter
    Where should I start….every appointment I have attended I felt like they have know me forever. From the the front desk to the Doctor and RN they are amazing….I will recommend this place 1000 times if your looking for a friendly and family atmosphere this is the place for you